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If you want personalized health care from a dedicated provider who spends time cultivating a deep and trusting relationship with their patients, concierge medicine at LiveWell Med Solutions may be right for you. Alexandria Watkins, DNP-APRN, and the team offer concierge medicine for teens and adults of all ages and walks of life at this forward-thinking practice in Carrollton, Texas. To learn more about concierge medicine, call today or request an appointment online.

Concierge Medicine Q&A

What is concierge medicine?

Everyone needs to go to the doctor at some point, whether it’s for a sick visit or simply to seek advice on changes you can make to improve your health. Too often, people have to wait days or weeks to get an appointment, only to feel rushed when they finally see their doctor.

If you can relate to this scenario, it may be time to try concierge medicine at LiveWell Med Solutions. This innovative health care model focuses on keeping you well instead of waiting until you’re sick.

Concierge medicine is a relationship between you and your health care provider that involves an annual fee, retainer, or monthly payments. This investment in your health provides you with personalized care from a dedicated team whenever you need them.

How does concierge medicine work?

Concierge medicine allows the expert team at LiveWell Med Solutions to spend more time with you so they can fully understand your unique health care needs. That is possible because the nominal fee allows the practice to place a reasonable cap on the number of patients they see.

That means you never feel rushed through an appointment by overworked staff or medical providers, and you can schedule visits at your convenience. However, concierge medicine isn’t a replacement for regular health insurance. You should maintain health insurance in case you need to go to the hospital or see a specialist.

The team at LiveWell Med Solutions specializes in preventive medicine with a holistic, integrative approach. They want your experience to be pleasant so you can feel good about taking charge of your health.

What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is growing more popular every day, and there are many reasons why. Advantages of concierge medical care include:

  • Improved relationship with your health care provider
  • Appointments that last as long as needed
  • Higher-quality personalized care
  • Same-day appointments when necessary
  • Round-the-clock access to your provider via phone or text
  • In-depth annual exam to promote wellness

The concierge model allows the team at LiveWell Med Solutions to devote more time and attention to you.

How do I know if concierge medicine is right for me?

If you feel like your current health care experience could be better, concierge medicine may be the answer. In addition to highly personalized preventive medicine, the team at LiveWell Med Solutions provides an array of holistic health services like nutrition counseling, weight loss, and IV vitamin therapy.

For a better approach to health care, call LiveWell Med Solutions today or request an appointment online.