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Over 50% of people who will suffer a heart attack do so without experiencing any prior symptoms and, unfortunately, more than 70% of patients who do end up having a heart attack are also considered low risk by traditional testing. We believe there's a better, more personalized way to achieve heart health and avoid heart attacks.

A New Way Forward

LiveWell Med Solutions now offers the Cleerly coronary analysis to help you understand your personal risk of a heart attack - earlier, and with the highest precision available, before a cardiac event becomes inevitable.

What is Cleerly?

The Cleerly coronary analysis is a complete evaluation of the presence, amount, and type of plaque, the root cause of heart disease, in the heart's arteries based on a Cardiac CT exam (CCTA). Images captured in the CCTA exam are processed by Cleerly software - a set of artificial intelligence based algorithms - and translated into measurements and reports for review by you and your physician. The results of the Cleerly analysis give a comprehensive understanding of a patient's current state of disease for reference in ongoing heart health and treatment.







It’s here – learn about the future of multi-cancer early detection What if we could detect cancer earlier?

You may have seen recent news about advances in early cancer detection. We're excited to share that we now offer a revolutionary multi-cancer early detection test for our patients.

It’s called the Galleri Multi-Cancer Early-Detection Test* and it can detect more than 50 types of cancer by looking for signals in the blood that may be associated with cancer. If caught in its early stages, cancer treatment outcomes and survival rates may be improved.

Here are few benefits of the test:







VinoVida Wines, LLC

Love wine. Love people.

The story of a missionary in Spain led the brother of a famous winemaker to the Lord. 

The winemaker, Santiago, was not a follower of Jesus Christ. However, when Santiago saw the incredible change in his brother, he told the missionary that if they could find a way to get his wines into the US, he would dedicate a significant percentage of the profits to the missionary's work for refugees in Spain. 

Through a series of divine appointments, VinoVida co-founder, Bill Stowe, was connected with the winemaker. 

Before traveling to Spain to meet Santiago, Bill had a dream. In this dream, both men were standing in a vineyard. Bill explains to Santiago that being a Christian is like that of an old vine being grafted into a new vine. The result is better and healthier wine. Similarly, when we are grafted into Jesus, we too become a new and better creation. Two weeks later, Bill traveled to Spain to meet Santiago in-person. As they tasted wines together, Bill shared his dream. He then asked, "Santiago, what is keeping you from accepting Jesus as your Savior? You obviously know Him, but what is holding you back?"

Santiago then stood up and declared that he was ready to accept Jesus. Bill led Santiago in prayer, confession to God out loud what he had already come to hold as true in his heart. A tearful, joy-filled reunion ensued. Santiago joined Bill, "grafted" into Jesus for all eternity. 







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